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How Governor Ramoni Downplayed The Principles Of Proactive Transparency And Accountability

AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq


How Governor Ramoni Downplayed The Principles Of Proactive Transparency And Accountability

Transparency and accountability are essential for upholding public trust

Upon awakening, I found myself reflecting on my time with Enetsud and my departure from the civic organization. I pondered over GAA’s deliberate formation of a cabinet committee, dubbed the Costume Cabinet by elder Alh. Tunde. Interestingly, this cabinet was disbanded in less than two years, validating criticisms regarding its competence, capacity, and quality.

The decision to form such a cabinet in a state abundant with competent, vibrant, and resourceful youths raises questions about the Governor’s genuine commitment to democratic leadership.

I reminisced about the government’s early achievements, particularly the renovation of dilapidated school structures inherited from the previous administration.

The renovation of Government High School sparked controversy after the House of Assembly conducted oversight, revealing costs published by Fresh Insight News.

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There were rumors that the Speaker and other House members were promptly summoned to the Executive Lodge and cautioned. The validity of this news may be inferred from the sudden silence of the House of Assembly regarding remaining projects.

Similarly, the state government introduced Social Audit to address issues arising from the FOI bill, which was causing significant unrest in the state. The introduction of Social Audit to Enetsud led to my resignation from the group, as I perceived a conspiracy surrounding it.

Enetsud utilized Social Audit to critique certain government projects, including the renovation of Government High School. If memory serves, Enetsud alleged that the government inflated the renovation cost by over N40 million.

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Although the allegation was disputed by the Ministry of Works or Education, citing withholding tax and other levies, the government eventually terminated the Social Audit agreement due to mounting pressure from Enetsud.

Remarkably, there currently exists no mechanism for transparency and accountability to oversee government activities. The term “See Finish” contradicts the principles of transparency and accountability inherent in good governance.

Transparency and accountability are essential for upholding public trust and facilitating effective decision-making processes.

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Transparency entails openness and accessibility of government actions, decisions, and information to the public. It enables citizens to comprehend decision rationales, evaluate officials’ performance, and participate meaningfully in democracy.

Conversely, accountability obliges government officials to justify their actions and accept responsibility, preventing corruption and misuse of public resources through scrutiny and oversight.

Just as GAA compensated our Otooge struggle by repealing the pensions law passed in 2011, I hope he summons the same courage to urge the House of Assembly to prioritize and expedite work on the FOI bill.

Oracle penned from the shrine

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