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Open Letter To The Soun Of Ogbomoso, By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

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Open Letter To The Soun Of Ogbomoso, By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

I urge you to uphold these principles steadfastly, reaching out to the Chief Imam

Dear Soun Of Ogbomoso, Oba Ghandi Olaoye,

I trust this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. Allow me, Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed, to extend my warmest regards and best wishes for your continued reign as the paramount king of Ogbomoso.

As a revered figure in Yoruba land, your leadership carries immense weight, not only in matters of governance but also in upholding our rich cultural heritage. Your dedication to the principles of peace and harmony is paramount, and it is with this in mind that I humbly address you today.

Sir, as a devoted Christian who has a depth of knowledge in the Bible and follows the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ, your role as a king is also to mediate and provide solutions to all problems that will bring peace and harmony into Ogbomoso.

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I write to you with concern regarding the recent tensions between yourself and the Chief Imam of Ogbomoso, Taliat Yunus Olusina Ayilara. Such discord between two influential figures in Ogbomoso is troubling and undermines the harmony people strive to maintain.

It is essential to recognize that the appointment of religious leaders falls within the realm of religious authority, not traditional governance. Therefore, it is imperative that you approach this situation with respect for the autonomy of each faith community.

Meanwhile, the Chief Imam was installed in November 2021 during the reign of the immediate past Soun of Ogbomoso land, Oba Jimoh Oyewumi. So, what caused the rivalry that led to his removal as the Chief Imam of Ogbomoso?

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Sir, if this animosity continues under your watch, it will reach a stage where you won’t have control over it, and many things might get damaged beyond redemption.

You promised to be fair to all and sundry. You stated, “I will be the king to the Christians, Muslims, and traditional rulers. I will be a king to every son and daughter of this land. That is my strength, and I believe that God will give me his mercy to lead his people. I want everybody in this land to pray for me so that I would live aright.”

Sir, what went wrong overnight?

Your commitment to fairness and inclusivity has been a beacon of hope for the people of Ogbomoso. I urge you to uphold these principles steadfastly, reaching out to the Chief Imam and engaging in constructive dialogue to resolve any existing grievances

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In the spirit of unity and cooperation, I call upon the Chief Imam to consider withdrawing any legal actions and join hands with his fellow Muslim brethren in pursuit of peace. Together, we can demonstrate the true strength of our community and pave the way for a brighter future for all.

May the wisdom and grace of our ancestors guide you in your noble endeavors, Your Majesty. With sincerity and optimism, I remain hopeful for a peaceful resolution to this matter.

Yours respectfully,

Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

[email protected]

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