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AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq: A Wealth Creator, Enabler For Youths Empowerment, By Alhaji Bashir Adigun

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AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq: A Wealth Creator, Enabler For Youths Empowerment, By Alhaji Bashir Adigun

We make bold to say that this administration has been the most innovative

Kwara State is experiencing tremendous developments in terms of new roads, improved health care delivery, quality Education, Social investments and new businesses.

For the first time, the state revenue agency hit the 10 Billion Naira mark in the first quarter of this year. This is thanks to the global best practices, vision , competence ,prudent management of resources and creativity of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq and his dedicated team.

The State Internal Revenue Service recently published its books and since then the opposition Peoples Democratic Party has been having sleepless nights, left only with its usual fake news and deliberate misinformation in its bid to return to power to continue the looting of our common patrimony.

We have observed the series of lies and campaign of calumny by the rejected party to equate the regime of our exceptional Governor with the PDP government which was sacked by the people of Kwara for pillaging of state assets and looting of public treasury.

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We make bold to say that this administration has been the most innovative , creative and prudent in the management of the State resources and that accounts for its ability to pay regularly the 30 Thousand Naira Minimum wage, regular pension and gratuities of retirees and building of infrastructure to open the state for investments.

This administration is focused on development, unlike the PDP government which a forensic Audit has indicted of withdrawing a whooping Two billion Naira cash from the state treasury in one week, among other infractions.

Unlike the corrupt PDP, the administration of Governor AbdulRazaq has established Social investment Programmes to support traders, help start-ups, strengthen existing businesses and the vulnerable aged in the State.

We are surprised that inspite of clear evidence ,PDP leaders have not realized that film and Information Technology are multi billion dollar ‘ industries around the World. They should visit or do a research on India Bollywood and Bengalore , the US Hollywood and Silicon valley as well as the Chinese film and Tech Industries.

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Governor AbdulRazaq ‘s establishment of Visual Arts Centre and Innovation Hub is to help the new generation of Nigerians to establish themselves and become competitive in the film and Information Technology industries globally, acknowledged today as haven of unlimited opportunities for wealth and employment creation, particularly for the teeming youths.

We have not forgotten that despite huge federal allocations and bailouts during the 16 years of PDP ‘s inglorious regime, Public infrastructure collapsed, Civil servants were dehumanized and frustrated with no salaries while many retirees died while lamenting non receipt of their pensions and gratuities.

The PDP always claims credit for the establishment of the State Kwara Internal Revenue Service but it is public knowledge that the agency was used as slush fund by the leaders of the corrupt regime and that accounted for its inability to pay Salaries of Civil Servants and teachers for many months and decay of public infrastructure.
The people of Kwara are aware of the desperation of the PDP and its campaign of calumny.

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They know that kwara is now a reference point for investors and that is why the likes of BUA group supports public infrastructure. Donor Agencies like UNICEF, UBEC who left the state as a result of corruption by the PDP government are now back. There is no doubt that the people would ensure that AbdulRazaq remains their Governor in next year’s elections. Kwara people know that the PDP will only bring pain and misery and therefore no room for a Governor who will be an appendage of any dynasty.

Alhaji Bashir Adigun
Special Adviser Political Communications to the Governor of Kwara State

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