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Alfa Adam Yahaya’s Disappointing Turmoil: Setting The Record Straight, By Araakunrin Bolakale

Alfa Adam Yahaya


Alfa Adam Yahaya’s Disappointing Turmoil: Setting The Record Straight, By Araakunrin Bolakale

I have decided not to make any comments about the event between Alfa Adam Yahaya and Hon. Yinka Aluko during the recent Balogun Fulani Development annual program but my phone wouldn’t stop rigging and messages won’t stop coming in. I have requested the videos of the event and critically watch and listen to every word of Alfa Yahaya and Hon. Aluko. Insha Allah, I would be objective enough to clarify.

1. The event is a community development program and an annual event. This year’s event was organised to launch Almanac and for empowerment.

2. The chief launcher and co-Chief Launcher were Mallam Saliu Mustapha and Ustaz Onikahun. Hon. Yinka Aluko was also an invitee being a true son of the community and he’s also the link to which the organizers reached out to Malla Saliu Mustapha.

3. Aluko arrived at the venue after many dignitaries have been on seats including Hon. Abdulwahab Issa. Alfa Adam had also commenced his program when Aluko arrived.

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4. Let’s assume that Alfa Adam didn’t know Aluko before that day as some people argued, the organizers made the introduction and it’s reflected in the pleasing exchange of pleasantries between Alfa Adam and Aluko. Alfa Adam also affirmed the tremendous contributions of Sheik Ahmad Ikokoro to the development of the Islamic religion in Ilorin and that’s enough to claim that Aluko isn’t a stranger to Alfa Adam.

5. When it’s time to raise funds for the Almanac, Aluko was erroneously announced as a representative of Mallam Saliu Mustapha and Aluko promptly clarified. He explained that he was there based on his invitation and not to represent anybody. He said the chairman and Mallam had spoken on the phone earlier. (The Organizer failed to guide the Alfa rightly on this).

6. When Aluko was also urged to make his donations, he (Aluko) honourably declined to argue that he was neither the chief launcher nor the co-launcher but an invitee like many others present. As a sign of respect and humility, Aluko urged the Alfa and the organizers to call the people he met on the ground which include Hon. Wahab Issa. In his words, _they are my elder here today because I came after they have been on the ground_.

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7. When Hon. Issa was called to make his donation, Alfa Adam started making some campaign statements that any politician wouldn’t take friendly or let go. As some people have claimed that Alfa Yahaya doesn’t know Aluko as the candidate for APC. The excuse isn’t ironclad given the nature of the program which is a community development occasion. Some of the campaign statements made by Alfa include “you shall continue to defeat your opponents in every election”. This is ridiculous and unexpected for an Islamic cleric who should know that the Balogun Fulani community embodies personalities across political divides.

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8. When it’s the turn of Aluko to make his donation and short speech. Aluko didn’t make any direct attack on Alfa Adam but a general statement which is more of advice to the organizers and the community. You may kindly watch the video below to know what Aluko said in the program.

9. However, it’s very absurd that the Alfa could go that low and call Aluko all sorts of names and employ such derogatory statements on him.

10. While the Executive members of the association have come to apologise to Aluko and many people have also reached out to him, it’s important to set the record straight and urge our traditional and religious leaders to be conscious of their statements in public occasions.

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