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APC Convention: A Prostitute That Gave Birth To An Armed Robber, By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed


APC Convention: A Prostitute That Gave Birth To An Armed Robber, By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

Nigeria is mourning as I write. We are in a state of servitude where hundreds of people were slaughtered overnight like fowls in Southern Kaduna, with the Buhari’s tyrannical regime totally unconcerned about these deaths.

People are dying on daily basis due to the negligence and inability of dictator Buhari’s regime to fight insecurity in the country. Many people have been rendered homeless in their communities.

Hunger and  depression have taken many lives because of the inability to secure basic needs for their families. Prices of foodstuffs have skyrocketed, people have been subjected into slavery in their country.

It is obvious that the pandemic regime of dictator  Muhammadu Buhari has taken away the liberty and dignity of fatherhood from the people.

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It is why for many years, under the Buhari dictatorship, Nigeria has been the world capital of poverty. People have been dehumanised by political criminals whose hatred for their people need no explanation.

The self-styled “progressive” party in Nigeria [APC] during their convention in Abuja at the weekend, re-enacted the style and system they’ve used in governing the country as many of their members who were vying for elective positions in the party were shortchanged, resulting to them breaking down in tears.

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It is crystal clear that Nigeria is operating a dictatorial system of government where a criminal directive from above supersedes the choices and opinions of the public – a typical example of APC kangaroo convention in Abuja on Saturday, March 26, 2022.

Segun Dada, a young man who was vying for the position of National Youth Leader, was told to step down against his wish. He was then criminally compelled into making an entirely false statement. Dada walked on the podium and broke down in tears.

One birth is not superior to another, as a slave is born so is a  free-born; many aspirants were forced to step down against their wish. The unity lists were compiled by the cabal whose interests is far superior to those of their members.

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Nothing good will ever come out of APC in a billion years. The country is on the verge of permanent collapse while the APC-led government is totally unconcerned about the welfare of citizens.

The only weapon Nigerians have now is “unity,” unity  to defeat these oppressors out of power and to also  produce brain builders who would pilot the country to greater heights.

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