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Voters Await Results In Guinea-Bissau



Voters Await Results In Guinea-Bissau

Results are expected on Tuesday.

Voters are being counted in Guinea-Bissau following Sunday’s legislative elections.

Around 600 soldiers were deployed to ensure security during the electoral process.

Voters are seeking to end instability after a coup attempt in February 2022 led to the dissolution of the National Assembly.

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“There were no problems and voting took place peacefully. No arguments or fights were reported. The atmosphere was good. People came out to vote in droves. Everyone had their say on who would represent them for the next four years. In any case, everyone voted as they saw fit”, said voting bureau member, Barros Pesse.

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Some 200 international observers were on hand to monitor the elections.

President Embaló’s Madem G15 party and the African Party for Independence of Guinea and Cape Vert (PAIGC) are the two largest parties.

Results are expected on Tuesday.

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