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Sheikh AbdulMumeen Yusuf Calls For Unity, Compassion Among Muslims

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Sheikh AbdulMumeen Yusuf Calls For Unity, Compassion Among Muslims

Forgiveness is key to answered prayers. Instead of seeking the downfall of others

Sheikh (Dr) AbdulMumeen Adebayo Yusuf, a prominent Islamic cleric and the proprietor of Musasatu Anwa’rul Mumineen (AMINEEN), emphasized the importance of unity and compassion among the Muslim ummah during a prayer session.

Sheikh Yusuf made this known on Sunday, September 10, 2023, at the Marina branch headquarters in Lagos.

He explained the closeness of God to humanity, stating that God listens to all prayers and is aware of every thought and action. He urged Muslims not to ascribe anything to God, as doing so may hinder their prayers from being answered.

He pointed out that prayers may go unanswered when people fail to adhere to the Holy Quran’s teachings on the importance of looking after their fellow Muslims.

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He stressed the importance of good intentions towards fellow human beings.

He said that for Muslims to have their prayers answered, it’s crucial to care for one another and maintain good intentions towards fellow human beings.

Sheikh Yusuf further explained that while many people devoutly pray throughout the day, their intentions towards others may not always be virtuous.

“Forgiveness is key to answered prayers. Instead of seeking the downfall of others, choose to forgive when wronged. When friends seek reconciliation, avoid interfering negatively; instead, strive for peaceful resolution rather than exacerbating the issue.”

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According to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, Dr. Yusuf explained that Muslims are obligated to fulfil six responsibilities towards their fellow Muslims if they seek their prayers to be answered.

One of these obligations, as Dr Yusuf highlighted, is to greet your fellow Muslim brother with the best greeting by saying “Asalamu-Alekum,” and the other person must respond in kind.

He noted the importance of true Muslim identity by asking why one would call themselves a Muslim if they don’t provide support to fellow Muslim brothers and sisters in need. He also advised against seeking revenge and instead recommended responding to wrongdoing with kindness.

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He said that as a Muslim, it is imperative to offer honest and truthful advice when someone seeks guidance, as deceiving them contradicts the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

Dr. Yusuf explained that within the Muslim community, it is obligatory to show care and concern for your fellow Muslims. This includes inquiring about their well-being if you haven’t seen them for some time.

He, however, urges all Muslims to cultivate a spirit of forgiveness and to faithfully follow the guidance found in the words of Allah and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

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