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Saliu Mustapha: The Poster Boy For Excellence, By YUSUF Mubaraq Authority



Saliu Mustapha: The Poster Boy For Excellence, By YUSUF Mubaraq Authority

Turaki is the senator we want

For avoidance of doubts, and to set critical record straight. First, Malaam needs no introduction in the Kwara political parlance. His numerous impactful interventions are enough a testament to the above statement of fact. A truism, which his harshest critics cannot but acknowledged, even during the dark times like this one!. That’s a pointer to nothing but excellence on his part, many thanks to his think-tank, for those painstaking job of managing by far, the most popular Kwara politician in recent history.

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Turaki is now Kwara poster boy for excellence. The joy of a common Kwaran, a shelter for those seeking political relevance and a nightmares of the comity of Kwara opposition camps.
A single individual with multiple competence, an accomplished professional and the protector of our common heritage.

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For Malaam, the zeal to represent his people is not inordinate or ill bred, but a clear-cut, purpose driven and people centric adventure, which has since been in force, right from his early days of little accomplishment. And a bigger platform, like the Nigerian senate would in no small measures propel his reach to a wider audience.

Malaam understand the game and he keep playing it to the chagrin of his traducers and admirers in tow. A fine politician and a reputable business tycoon. The Turaki’ Ngeri Of Ilorin.

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As we journey ahead to the 2023 polls. Turaki is the senator we want. He’s the one we need and he would be the one to win, In sha Allah.

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