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Leading With Purpose: Your Voice Will Be Heard, Regardless Of Your Place Of Residence- Hon Ahmed Yinka Aluko

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Leading With Purpose: Your Voice Will Be Heard, Regardless Of Your Place Of Residence- Hon Ahmed Yinka Aluko

I assure you that I will not betray this trust. I hold your trust in the highest regard,

The newly elected lawmaker representing Ilorin East/South Federal Constituency, Hon Ahmed Yinka Aluko, has joined his fellow elected members for the inauguration ceremony of the 10th Assembly.

Aluko, express his  gratitude to the Almighty Allah for granting him the opportunity to witness this significant day while assuring his constituents that he will not betray their trust.

In a statement signed by the Federal lawmaker himself, also extend his gratitude to Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq (CON), and the party executives, elders, and leaders, particularly the members of the All Progressive Congress and constituents of Ilorin East/South Federal Constituency.

The Statement read: “It is an honour that you have entrusted me with your votes to represent you at the green chamber in Abuja, and I assure you that I will not betray this trust. I hold your trust in the highest regard, recognizing that with “great responsibility comes great expectations”. Additionally, I want to express my profound gratitude to the entire members of the Ikokoro family for their unwavering support during and after the elections.

“I am fully aware of the responsibility bestowed upon me by this mandate. It is a duty that demands sensitivity, presents challenges, and requires me to carry it out with utmost sincerity, unwavering loyalty to the people, and a commitment to providing credible representation.

“In the wake of recent events, such as the EndSARS crisis, a resounding message has been delivered that necessitates profound contemplation in our endeavor to reshape our leadership system. It is imperative to urgently address the prevailing lack of trust in leadership and to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to policies and programs aimed at enhancing the well-being of the populace and reinstating faith in governance.

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According to Aluko, “Now is the moment for every tier of government to fulfill their individual and collective responsibilities with utmost sincerity, adhering to the constitutional principles of our nation. The allegations labeling the 9th Assembly as a mere Rubber Stamp are directly linked to the prevailing distrust in leadership. Hence, one of the paramount objectives of the 10th Assembly should be to actively confront the challenges concerning the integrity and autonomy of the National Assembly.

“Another challenge we cannot evade is the composition of the 10th National Assembly, wherein both the upper and lower houses consist of more than 50% new members, raising questions about their legislative experience. While it is undeniable that some elected officials are new to their roles, all of us possess substantial knowledge and experiences that enable us to provide the country with commendable legislative performances.

“The removal of fuel subsidies is no longer a novelty; however, our focus must now shift towards ensuring that the revenue derived from this action is utilized to advance the social and economic fortunes of our nation. This is the task at hand.

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He said, the removal of the fuel subsidy, signing of the Electrical Act 2023, and ending the multiple exchange rates for the naira are all powerful indications of a promising beginning. They reflect the government’s understanding and dedication to leading Nigeria towards progress.

Recognizing the significance of these steps, it is crucial to appreciate and appeal for the understanding and cooperation of the people. Their support is essential for the government to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to them.

“In the journey of national development, Kwara State will not be left behind. It is imperative that we unite and fully embrace the opportunities that come with progress. Now is the perfect time for a strong collaboration between the state government and its representatives in Abuja.

“As the embodiment of ‘Your Voice, my Mandate’ campaign, I assure you that I will not forget anyone while pursuing my legislative agenda and representing your concerns at the National Assembly. Alongside our physical offices accessible to all constituents, we will establish an electronic platform to receive your contributions, petitions, and queries.

“My steadfast commitment persists in establishing and upholding strategic alliances aimed at making a profound and positive difference in the lives of our constituents. My primary focus areas encompass the provision of superior education, the delivery of standardized healthcare services, youth and women empowerment, and strategic investment in agriculture businesses.

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Just as we tirelessly campaigned throughout every corner of Ilorin East/South Federal Constituency, from Gbadamu to Ilota, Marafa to Sango etc there should be no excuse for leaving any community behind. Insha Allah, your voice will be heard, regardless of your place of residence.

“I express my heartfelt gratitude to the Emir of Ilorin, other traditional chiefs, the Chief Imam of Ilorin, religious leaders, the Christian community, and all tribes within our constituency. Your unwavering support and confidence in me are deeply appreciated.

” I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the devoted citizens of Kwara, both within the state and across the globe, for your ongoing efforts towards the progress of our cherished state. It is important to recognize that revitalizing and advancing the social and economic development of Kwara state is not solely the responsibility of the government; each one of us has a part to play. Therefore, I kindly implore all of us to continue collaborating with the government and maintain our cooperative spirit,” the statement added.

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