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Kwara Govt Reacts To Medical Certificate Racketeering Report, Moves To Arrest Culprits, Curb Fraud

Medical Certificate Fraud


Kwara Govt Reacts To Medical Certificate Racketeering Report, Moves To Arrest Culprits, Curb Fraud

Only CMDs are allowed to issue medical certificates; ID must be confirmed by CMD and a photocopy placed in applicant

Ilorin, Kwara State– In the ongoing battle against fraud and unethical practices, the Kwara State Ministry of Health has intensified efforts to safeguard the integrity of medical certificates and counter fraudulent practices in the state.

It would be recalled how investigative journalist Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed conducted undercover research on how government hospitals in Kwara State issue medical certificates to people without conducting tests or through proxies.

However, an insider from the Ministry of Health, who doesn’t want his name to be mentioned, said that there are numerous complaints from various government hospitals.

He alleged that some officials do their utmost to bury the matter, and often, no action is taken.

According to him, “The report you produced really impacted them significantly. They never expected such an outcome. Many people have complained about the shenanigans occurring in some government hospitals, but the management chooses to overlook it because no media outlet has attempted to shed light on it.”

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“Let me tell you, the Kwara State Hospital Management Board (KWSHMB), along with the Health Commissioner, is now working day and night to tighten measures against any fraudulent activities following the report.”

He added that efforts are being made to apprehend all people involved in the certificate racketeering.

The Chief Press Secretary to the Kwara State Governor, Rafiu Ajakaiye, disclosed that the Honourable Commissioner of Health, Dr. Amina Ahmed El-Imam, along with the Hospital Management Board, has unveiled stringent measures to combat counterfeiting and uphold transparency in the issuance of medical documents.

Mr Ajakaiye expressed that human environment is always in constant drift between the majority elements who want the best for the society, as championed by the government, and a tiny clique who care only about their own narrow interest.

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“You will find this in every sector — whether in the health, education, media, or business and private organisations.

He says, “The most important thing is to constantly put measures in place to ensure that the public good thrives at all times.

“I understand that authorities at the health institutions have always been making efforts to curb issues of infractions and attempts to cheat the system in whatever form. It is a tough task, and we often urge the public to join this effort.

“I am aware, for instance, that different steps have been taken to prevent anyone from counterfeiting or obtaining medical certificates through unethical means.

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He explained that the Honourable Commissioner of Health has spoken on the issue a couple of times, including the measures they have taken to arrest the situation.

Mr Ajakaiye said that the latest action taken in this regard by the Hospital Management Board was on March 10, 2024, to further tighten the system against counterfeiting of any kind.

“By the new rules, only CMDs are allowed to issue medical certificates; ID must be confirmed by CMD and a photocopy placed in applicant’s folder for record purposes; serialised certificates are to be issued to facilities only from Hospital Management Board.

“Such measures also include monthly reports of certificates issued by each facility with detailed test reports, among others, including security markers known only to the authorities, he said.

Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed, a seasoned investigative journalist and climate/environmental reporter with a decade of experience, unravels complex issues and amplifies critical voices. His in-depth investigative work and insightful reporting have earned him recognition as a trusted source of information. Ahmed's unwavering commitment to journalism and exceptional storytelling prowess make him a standout figure in investigative journalism. His work drives meaningful conversations, influences policy decisions, and inspires collective efforts toward a sustainable future.

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