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Insecurity, Economic Crisis, And The Failures Of Tinubu’s Leadership, By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

Bola Tinubu


Insecurity, Economic Crisis, And The Failures Of Tinubu’s Leadership, By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

If the current situation persists without a lasting solution, people may have no choice but to revolt and ignite a fire.

The prevailing insecurity in our country, with a population exceeding 200 million, has created a concerning trend. Gunmen roam freely, entering homes to abduct people at their discretion.

Kidnapping has become a lucrative business in Nigeria. Families of the abducted members are compelled to seek ransom, or they risk losing their loved ones.

We are in a country where daredevils have kidnapped a father, mother, and their children in their apartment. Some were abducted while travelling by road. In some instances, they release the father and demand ransom. If the ransom is not paid, they threaten to kill one of his daughters.

However, the security agency struggled to apprehend the perpetrators because the funds intended to track these criminals had been siphoned by people in leadership positions.

The current economic situation is evidently contributing to the rise in criminal activity in the country.

People suffer due to the anti-people policies implemented by President Tinubu. Criminals understand they can’t assault people’s homes and escape with cash since the impoverished lack funds.

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The quickest method to earn money currently in Nigeria is through ransom payments, as people understandably want to ensure the safety of their loved ones from potential harm.

Tinubu assured Nigerians before the election to relax, promising that he would fix the economy and address insecurity. However, the acclaimed economist failed miserably in all the aspects he promised to address.

Nigeria is currently on the brink, with today’s exchange rate at N1,550 for 1 dollar. The prices of all goods in the market have tripled, making it unaffordable for many.

Many families undergo mandatory fasting as the head of the household struggles to fulfill social responsibilities due to insufficient salary for feeding the entire family.

The country will never be secure until the government ensures a comfortable life for its people. Each day, the situation worsens with many companies folding up, causing job losses and pushing people towards crime due to a lack of alternatives.

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Government officials allegedly engage in selling jobs to the highest bidder, leaving many disadvantaged people unable to afford them. Meanwhile, prices for various goods in the market have surged dramatically.

A nation where most people struggle to afford two square meals daily. Violence emerges as a result of hopelessness among citizens, who feel betrayed by those entrusted to represent them but opt to embezzle resources meant for the public.

Recently, a retired soldier from Benue committed suicide due to hardship. Earlier this year, Amarachi Ugochukwu, an employee of a new generation bank in Ikorodu, reportedly took her own life by consuming an insecticide. She attributed her decision to economic despair.

People are committing suicide every day, and besides kidnapping and ransom payments, the Nigerian government seems unmoved to investigate the reasons behind this alarming trend.

If President Tinubu is unable to ensure the security of lives and properties, he should consider resigning and make way for a competent individual to lead the country.

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Tinubu urgently needs to reconsider the fuel subsidy policy if he genuinely cares about people’s welfare and believes that all lives matter.

Sharing palliatives with the people alone won’t solve Nigeria’s problems; reversing anti-people policies is crucial. Empowering small-scale businesses with zero-interest loans is essential, as current policies have harmed many enterprises, leading to the departure of numerous foreign investors.

Our security operatives, both the local ones, need to be well-paid and adequately equipped with modern technology. This will motivate them to track down all the perpetrators.

Our security operatives, both local and national, should be well-paid and equipped with modern technology to motivate them in tracking down all perpetrators. The minimum wage in Nigeria should not be less than N200,000.

The Tinubu government should create a conducive environment for foreign investors to reduce the unemployment rate and address security threats.

If the current situation persists without a lasting solution, people may have no choice but to revolt and ignite a fire.

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