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Ilorin Court Remands Tani Olohun’s Over Defamation, Public Disturbance

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Ilorin Court Remands Tani Olohun’s Over Defamation, Public Disturbance

The Magistrate Court in Ilorin, has  order for the imprisonment of social media influencer and traditionalist Tani Olohun.

The court ruling, on Thursday, mandates that Tani Olohun be remanded until October 5, 2023.

Afrika Eyes learnt that Tani Olohun was arrested in Ibadan yesterday  by operatives of Kwara State police command on charges of defamation of character and public disturbance.

Prof Abubakr Ali-Agan

Prof Abubakr Ali-Agan

A significant number of Muslims gathered at the court premises to witness the unfolding of the Tani Olohun case, where the social media influencer faces allegations of defamation of character.

The courtroom was filled with observers eager to see the outcome of the legal proceedings.

The case against Tani Olohun gathered momentum due to the petition submitted before the judge, reportedly involving ten Islamic Scholars and Emir of Ilorin who claimed to have been defamed by the influencer.

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The petitioners,  from various backgrounds, collectively alleged that Olohun’s statements had caused harm to their reputations and well-being.

Among the notable petitioners who brought forth allegations against Tani Olohun were Okutagidi, Ajani Bello, Muideen Bello, Emirate, and several others.

Legal Counsel

Legal Counsel

Speaking outside the courtroom after the judgment with Afrika Eyes, a legal counsel Ademola Abdulquadri stated, “It is important to clarify that this case is fundamentally about defamation of character and not in any way connected to the Isese festival, as some rumors may have suggested.

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Mr Abdulquadri explained that the arrest of the suspect was not related to the Isese festival, as some had speculated, but rather centered around allegations of defamation of character.

According to him, the petitioners came forward with genuine concerns about the impact of certain statements made by the defendant.

Alhaji Muri Adio Baba ni Bariga clarified that the arrest of Tani Olohun was unrelated to the Isese Festival, but rather stemmed from allegations of defamation of character and public disturbance.

Alhaji Muri Adio Baba ni Bariga

Alhaji Muri Adio Baba ni Bariga

He further explained the importance of caution, urging those who engage in tarnishing others’ reputations on social media to take heed and draw lessons from the Tani Olohun case.

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Alfa Tonile Okutagidi expressed his contentment with today’s judgment while speaking with our correspondent.

Alfa Tonile Okutagidi

He siad that the issue at hand is not a religious dispute nor an attempt to hinder the Isese Festival in Ilorin. Rather, it centers on preventing the unjust defamation of people’s reputations.

According to Alfa Tonile Okutagidi, ‘The Tani Olohun case should be seen as an instructive lesson for individuals who take pleasure in tarnishing others’ character, irrespective of their religious affiliations—be it Muslim, Christian, or Traditionalist.

Efforts to obtain statements from Tani Olohun’s family and supporters proved abortive, as none of them were present in court to witness the judgment.

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