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Crystal  Demolition: I’ll Continue To Build, Let AbdulRazaq Continue To Destroy- Mashood Mustapha 

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Crystal  Demolition: I’ll Continue To Build, Let AbdulRazaq Continue To Destroy- Mashood Mustapha 

God used us to give him the power he is using against us now. We fought in the sun, under the rain to ensure his victory

Ilorin, Kwara State– The former House of Representatives member at the federal level and influential figure in Kwara politics, Hon. Mashood Mustapha, formally reacted to the controversies surrounding the demolition of Crystal Place along Sulu Gambari Road in Ilorin, Kwara State.

Mr. Mustapha, who spoke shortly after the Kwara State government brought in bulldozers and demolished sections of the building, declared his commitment to constructive development while condemning the governor’s approach, which he claims is detrimental to the state’s progress.

Mustapha stated that while Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq continues to destroy, he will persist in his efforts to build and improve the lives of the citizens in the state.

Afrika Eyes earlier reported that the building was marked for demolition by the Kwara State Government on Monday, May 6, 2024, which generated a lot of controversy among the elite in the state.

However, Mustapha said that the complex was meticulously constructed in compliance with the approved building plan provided by the state government in 2016.

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Evidence Provided by Hon Moshood Mustapha

Reacting to the development, he accused Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq of going wayward over disagreement on the issue of Kwara Hotel and how he intends to spend a colossal N17.8 billion on it.

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According to him, “This morning, I was woken up by several calls, especially from my Chief of Staff and my protocol officer, informing me of the ugly incident of the demolition that was being carried out on my property along Sulu Gambari, christened Crystal Place.

“We all know that this is political. It is unfortunate, but I implore my people to please allow peace to prevail. Our state is known for its peace and harmony, and I want it to remain that way.

“We are a people that believe in the rule of law. This is not unexpected because we all know the kind of governor that we have in office. The story is known to everyone of us. It’s quite unfortunate.

“Just because I disagreed with him on the issue of the Kwara Hotel and how he wants to spend a colossal 17-point-something billion on it, he has taken a position against me. I stated in my open letter to him that he would target my property.

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“I clearly stated that he wants to destroy me economically, but he is neither God nor the one who made me, so I remain unperturbed.

He continues, “What he did this morning is a testament to the kind of person he is. He’s a destoryer; he’s always been known for that. Wherever he goes, he’s constantly causing problems and discord among people.”

“God used us to give him the power he is using against us now. We fought in the sun, under the rain to ensure his victory but since he got into office, the only thing that he knows how to do is show ingratitude to us.

Mr Mustapha noted that what the Kwara government did today is unfortunate. It’s uncalled for. He terms it as a political vendetta and reiterates that he is unmoved by it.

“This is nothing to me. I believe so much in Kwara. I put most of the properties in place in Kwara to help our urban renewal. If you look at Kwara today, people see us as a civil service state.

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He said businessmen like him in the state strive to work outside Kwara to bring all those things that God has given them back to Kwara to help develop the state’s economy.

Mustapha alleged that people like Governor AbdulRazaq, who do not have a single economic asset or business in the state, destroyed what people used their sweat to gather because of a disagreement over spending a huge amount of money on Kwara Hotel, against the future of Kwarans.

The business mogul said AbdulRazaq is trying to politically and economically destroy some stakeholders, especially those who helped him during the “O to ge” revolution to gain power.

Mr. Mustapha, however, implored his supporters not to take the law into their hands, he assured them that justice would prevail.

He emphasized that he will continue to build more buildings for the economic development of the state, as the governor chose the path of destroying people’s properties.

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