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Bobo Chicago Keeps Deceiving NLC And TUC With Sugar-Coated Mouth, By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed



Bobo Chicago Keeps Deceiving NLC And TUC With Sugar-Coated Mouth, By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

A responsible father is forced into a state of irresponsibility because he cannot provide for his family.

In a nation fraught with hardships, the present situation in Nigeria is proving to be particularly brutal and unbearable for its citizens. People are not only struggling to make ends meet, but some are resorting to extreme measures like suicide due to the overwhelming hardship.

Lives are being lost, and many are resorting to suicide due to their inability to endure the hardships they are experiencing. A responsible father is forced into a state of irresponsibility because he cannot provide for his family.

The removal of fuel subsidies has resulted in many people losing their jobs, and hundreds of companies have gone out of business because they can no longer sustain their operations due to economic challenges.

Meanwhile, the prominent Nigerian labour unions are criticized for what is perceived as their hesitancy in addressing President Bola Tinubu’s alleged deceit, as he shows no signs of remorse for the hardships faced by the people.

President Tinubu, who identified as a Democrat and once advocated for “Let the poor breathe, don’t suffocate them,” is now imposing suffocating policies on Nigerians shortly after assuming the presidency.

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He deliberately removed fuel subsidies, seemingly to penalize the disadvantaged population. Not long after, Tinubu allocated 1.6 billion for his spouse’s role as a First Lady, even though her office is considered unconstitutional, while millions of people were suffering in abject poverty.

The NLC President, Joe Ajaero, and fellow comrades appear to have been influenced and misled by President Tinubu’s sugar-coated mouth, leading them to overlook the harsh reality that Tinubu seems to have little to offer Nigerians besides imposing hardships on the people.

Once organized labour comes to terms with the actual situation at hand, they can better align themselves with the interests of the people, especially in the face of a capitalist who has assumed the role of the Nigerian president.

Nigerians are living in a state of fear and uncertainty as the prices of essential food items in the market have soared, making them unaffordable for many. Some people are even forced to resort to begging as they are determined not to turn to theft as an alternative.

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Tinubu seems to have overlooked the fact that the people’s office holds the highest authority, surpassing the one he currently holds. The disgruntled citizens are patiently waiting for the right moment to express their discontent. If the situation is not managed effectively, the resulting chaos in the country could surpass even the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

The NLC is viewed as a potential saviour for the people, but its effectiveness depends on whether its members have remained true to the mandates they’ve been given. They are often the only organization that the government is wary of crossing, provided that their leaders have not betrayed the trust placed in them by the people.

President Tinubu’s leadership approach has revealed certain aspects of his character. He allocated substantial budgets, such as N4 billion for the renovation of his official residence at Dodan Barracks in Lagos, another N4 billion for the presidential quarters’ renovation, an additional N4 billion for constructing an office complex within the State House, and N2.5 billion for the renovation of Aguda House, which serves as the official residence of the vice president within the Aso Rock Villa.

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In a country where many citizens can’t even afford three meals a day, it’s concerning that the president is planning to spend 7 billion on house renovations while people are suffering from hunger and starvation.

Once the leaders of the labour movement recognize that only a revolution can rescue the country from the ongoing cycle of corruption and wrongdoing, the sooner the nation can embark on a path towards a new beginning.

The only remedy that can save the country from its path towards destruction is a revolution that has the power to remove the individuals responsible for decades of corruption and the country’s modern-day enslavement.

A revolution is a mechanism that can uproot those who have subjected the country to modern-day slavery, where the citizens suffer while their leaders indulge in extravagance. The labour leaders must come to realize that revolution may be the only path to a new dawn in the nation

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