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Economic Crisis Worsens As Ghana Faces Worst Power Outage In Two Years

Power Outage


Economic Crisis Worsens As Ghana Faces Worst Power Outage In Two Years

For several years, Ghana has experienced recurring power cuts, colloquially known as “dumsor,”

Accra, Ghana – Most regions of Ghana have been plunged into darkness as the country grapples with a severe power outage caused by a critical shortage of gas to fuel electricity-generating machinery.

The situation, which has been described as a “550 MW peak hour supply shortfall” by the Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo), has left the nation in the throes of a major power crisis. This crisis comes amidst what has been labelled as the worst economic turmoil in a generation for the West African nation.

The power outage, which commenced on Thursday evening, has struck the nation, particularly the capital, Accra, and its environs, with unprecedented severity. While power cuts are not uncommon in Ghana, this incident marks the most severe and widespread national outage in two years, further exacerbating the challenges faced by businesses and households.

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A study conducted in June of this year had already raised concerns about Ghana’s energy supply situation, describing it as “extremely unhealthy and teetering toward a power crisis.” The report, authored by the Center for Socio-Economic Studies (CSS), warned that the energy situation could deteriorate in the coming years due to the country’s financial difficulties.

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Ghana’s energy woes have been compounded by financial issues, including arrears owed by the state-owned Ghana Electricity Company to independent power producers. In July, these producers threatened to suspend their operations, which added to the growing concerns about the stability of the nation’s power supply.

In a statement released on Thursday, GRIDCo, the country’s power operator, acknowledged that electricity supplies to consumers in various parts of Ghana would be curtailed due to “limited gas supply” from the Tema power station. The power company expressed regret over the inconvenience caused but did not specify the root cause of the gas supply problem or provide a timeline for the restoration of normal power supply.

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For several years, Ghana has experienced recurring power cuts, colloquially known as “dumsor,” which translates to “on and off” in the Akan language. The nation relies heavily on hydroelectric and thermal sources for its electricity, but the maintenance of these facilities has been a persistent challenge.

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