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University Of Ilorin Graduates Accuses School Of Extortion, Unfulfilled Promises At Convocation Ceremony



University Of Ilorin Graduates Accuses School Of Extortion, Unfulfilled Promises At Convocation Ceremony

Ilorin, Kwara State – The recent graduates from the University of Ilorin have raised serious concerns and accusations against the school management regarding alleged extortion and unfulfilled promises related to the combined convocation ceremony, held October 20, 21 and 23, 2023.

The event hosted both the 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 graduate classes.

The University graduates have expressed their discontent with the abrupt introduction of additional charges, notably the “top-up” and “memorabilia” fees, which the institution requires for participation in the convocation ceremony.

One of the graduates argues that the charges, amounting to N10,000, were introduced on short notice, and their financial burden is compounded by the current economic situation in the country.

In a memo dated October 3, 2023, obtained by concerned graduates, the university introduced a “memorabilia” package, which includes branded T-shirts, scrolls, and lapel pins for the graduates, all at the cost of N10,000.

The discontented graduates, who wish to remain anonymous, have questioned the justification behind these charges and the lack of concrete reasons provided by the university administration.

Furthermore, they expressed disappointment as the promised certificates and orders of proceedings were not available at the convocation event.

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A graduate who spoke with Afrika Eyes said, “During convocation ceremonies, it is customary for graduates to make necessary payments in advance, with the understanding that certificates would be issued immediately following the event. However, feedback from the postgraduate college indicated that the certificates were not ready. Additionally, the order of proceedings was unavailable, and no formal explanation or apology was given by the university management.”

“We paid 41 thousand for the convocation in addition to the 10 thousand we were instructed to pay without justification. Despite spending this substantial amount to ensure participants from different states attended the event, we were disappointed to find that no order of proceedings was provided, and our promised certificates were not issued.”

“The graduates attended the ceremony with the expectation of receiving their certificates without unnecessary delays, as pledged by the school management. However, this hope was dashed as the promised services were not delivered as anticipated.”

Expressing their frustration, the graduates collectively urged the school authority to rectify the situation and uphold the institution’s motto, “Better by far,” emphasized that such incidents tarnish the reputation of the university.

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Meanwhile, the University of Ilorin’s management has refuted allegations of exploiting the 2020/2021 graduating class by requiring additional fees for convocation and memorabilia charges.

In a statement titled “Our Position On Memorabilia,” the director of Corporate Affairs, Kunle Akogun, stated that the institution maintains the authority to decide which materials are essential and to set reasonable rates for its students and graduates.

“The attention of the Management of the University of Ilorin has been drawn to a social media news report on a planned protest by a group of former students of the University concerning some convocation items they are expected to have.

“These are their personal effects and necessary commemoratory mementos for the successful completion of their programmes at the University.”

The management of UNILORIN faulted the action of the protesting graduates, noting that they should have demonstrated a knowledge of the prevailing economic reality in the country and appreciated the good disposition of the University management in arriving at this rate, which the university described as its “lowest possible”.

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The statement further read, “For the avoidance of doubts and record purposes, members of the public and our former students should note that this matter is about graduands and indeed, convocation ceremonies; the rates attached to the items are the least and indeed the lowest available in the light of the economic realities of the country; it is not in our character at the University of Ilorin to exploit; the University has always been very considerate in fixing its charges, which remain the cheapest among public universities in the country; our graduands, are worthy in character and learning, and would always live above board with the display of sound knowledge of the prevailing economic situation in the country.

The management also asserted that the “misguided individuals” are only protesting for their primordial and selfish reasons while emphasising that a large number of the graduates have paid for the items and convocation.

However, the University failed to address the alleged convocation top-up of N10,000 by the graduating class.

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