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Three Feared Dead As Correctional Service Vehicle Overspeed, Injured Many In Kwara

Nigeria Correctional Service


Three Feared Dead As Correctional Service Vehicle Overspeed, Injured Many In Kwara

Two of my siblings are among the victims, and I narrowly avoided being hit by the vehicle myself.

Ilorin, Kwara State – A Nigeria Correctional Service vehicle at Oke-Kura, Ilorin, Kwara State, on Thursday morning, overspeed and lost control, crashing into the busy Oja Oba roundabout while six people were injured and 3 feared dead.

According to Afrika Eyes’ correspondent on the scene, the incident occurred when the driver of the Correctional Service vehicle attempted to make a sharp turn but miscalculated the manoeuvre and rammed into a shop where several people were injured among the bystanders.

Mrs Hajara, a food vendor and mother of two victims, explained that she was serving her customers when the prison vehicle unexpectedly ploughed into her two children. Both of her children were rushed to the hospital with critical injuries.

Mr Hajara

Mrs Hajara

“My daughter and one of my sons are currently in the hospital in critical condition in this kind of economic situation, we are unable to afford the necessary medical care.

“I implore the government to prioritize the well-being of our children, especially considering that it was a government security agency that targeted and harmed both of my children.”

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Afrika Eyes also noticed the presence of the Nigeria Police and other security agencies at the scene, working to restore order in the area.

One of the survivors of the incident, Khalidi, who narrowly escaped death, tearfully expressed to Afrika Eyes, “How can a prison facility be located in a residential area?”

“The supposed mission of the Nigeria Correctional Service in Oke Kura is to rehabilitate prisoners. However, they seem to have fulfilled their objective by intentionally causing the deaths of innocent people. Calls have been made for a considerable amount of time, urging the government to consider relocating the prison facility away from Oke Kura.”


Mr Khalid

“We were under the impression that prisons are typically situated far from populated areas. However, Oke Kura prison stands in the heart of a residential community. When transporting prisoners to court, they consistently exceed speed limits. If it weren’t for the events that unfolded today, one can only speculate about the potential loss of life in such a densely populated environment.”

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He said that a number of people suffered various injuries and some lost their lives right at the scene to the hospital.

“Two of my siblings are among the victims, and I narrowly avoided being hit by the vehicle myself. I was attempting to move a motorcycle parked in front of my mother’s shop when the incident occurred. Sadly, an okada rider who was having his meal was crushed on the spot.”

He explained that if the individuals responsible had been civilians, there might have been a risk of them being subjected to mob violence, the perpetrators in this case happened to be members of a security agency entrusted with upholding the law.

“Once we rushed my sibling and the others to the hospital, we were met with the news that doctors were on strike, I am filled with frustration because the government has let us down in every respect.

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“I implore the government to address this situation urgently to prevent further incidents, as people are growing increasingly agitated and may resort to taking matters into their own hands if justice is not served and the responsible officers are not held accountable,” he emphasized.

Abdul-Waheed, an okada rider who narrowly escaped death, recounted that he was just about to have his breakfast when the Nigeria Correctional Service vehicle’s side mirror struck him, causing him to collapse.

Mr AbdulWaheed

Mr AbdulWaheed

“I heard a loud crash as I fell to the ground, and kind-hearted people rushed to pour water on my head. The vehicle was initially facing a different direction but abruptly veered towards us while we were having our meal, including the two children of the food vendor.

“I implored the government to investigate this matter and provide compensation to the victims who were affected.

According to him, all okada riders are furious about the incident and may take action if the government does not ensure justice is served.”

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