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Kwara Communities Groans Over Bad Road, Seeks AbdulRazaq’s Intervention

Kwara Community


Kwara Communities Groans Over Bad Road, Seeks AbdulRazaq’s Intervention

We are not making excessive demands; we simply ask, what is the benefit of democracy if we cannot have access to a decent road?

Ilorin, Kwara State– Residents and commercial transporters in the Idi-Ogede communities, in the Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara State, are currently grappling with the deplorable state of the road connecting their areas to the Micheal Imoudu and Asa-dam Expressway.

The situation has led to a wave of complaints and challenges for those living and working in the communities.

The affected residents, hailing from places like Kangu, Surulere, Ose-okete, Sapati, Abayawo, and several other areas within the Idi-Ogede community, have voiced their concerns over the extreme difficulties they encounter while navigating the damaged road.


A recent on-the-spot assessment by Afrika Eyes revealed numerous potholes on the road, which tend to worsen during the rainy season. The deteriorating road condition has significantly impacted the lives and livelihoods of those living in the community.

Magaji Idi-ogede community’s spokesperson, Mallam AbdulRazaq Ayinde Kayode, expressed the frustration of the communities and emphasized that they have made numerous attempts to draw the attention of the Kwara state government to their plight through various channels, but their cries have fallen on deaf ears.

Magaji Idi Ogede Mallam AbdulRazaq Kayode

Magaji Idi Ogede, Mallam AbdulRazaq Kayode

Mallam Kayode pointed out that the road serves as a vital commercial link for five different communities, and its deplorable state has severely affected the local economy, leading to an exodus of residents who can no longer endure the road conditions.

He also alleged that the government constructed a road that conveniently passed by a hotel owned by an influential individual while neglecting the critical road connecting the other communities.

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The decision, he claimed, was made due to the close relationship between the hotel owner and the Kwara State Governor.


The existing road, constructed for the hotel’s convenience

“The existing road, constructed for the hotel’s convenience, has led to erosion-related problems, further deteriorating the state of the surrounding area.

“Many residents have been forced to abandon their homes due to the destructive effects of this negligence.


“Despite numerous letters and appeals to the government, including efforts to meet with the Deputy Governor, Kayode Ogundeji, and publishing their concerns, no response has been received from the authorities,” he said.

“In their initial term, they made promises to us. Now, in their second term, they assured us that they would come to our aid after the rainy season, but the government has yet to take action.

IMG 3923


“As they seek God’s mercy, we implore the state government to also extend their mercy to us. This road is the sole connection for five communities and has become a living nightmare,” he expressed.

Residents, like motorcycle rider Jamiu Saka, have been burdened with repair expenses due to the damage caused by the poor road conditions.

Mr Jamiu Saka

Mr Jamiu Saka

Businesses have suffered as well, with shop owners reporting reduced sales and closures.

During the rainy season, many motorcyclists are forced to halt operations, fearing they may get stuck in the flood.

He expressed disappointment in Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, who they believed would fulfill his promises but has fallen short of expectations.

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He added, “Each time we transport people on our bikes, we struggle with the road due to its deplorable condition. Many shops have been abandoned as business has dwindled.”

Elderly residents, such as Mrs Grace Ojurogbe, who sells charcoal, revealed how the road’s deterioration has affected her income. Flooding caused by the road’s poor condition has washed away her merchandise, leaving her with no other source of livelihood.

Mrs Grace Ojurogbe

Mrs Grace Ojurogbe

She called on the government to address the issue, as it has dire consequences for her livelihood.

Alhaji Rauf Oyewumi, the Chairman of Idi-Ogede Community Development Association, called on Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq’s administration to intervene.

Alhaji Rauf Oyewumi

Alhaji Rauf Oyewum

He highlighted how the diversion of floodwater from other areas to their community has exacerbated the road’s deterioration.

Engineer Peter Abu, a table water business owner in Kangu Araromi community, stated that the community has collectively contributed funds to repair the road by pouring asphalt but their efforts have been insufficient in addressing the problem, primarily due to erosion.

Engineer Peter Abu

Engineer Peter Abu

“As a community, we are doing our utmost to address road issues, especially during the rainy season when it’s evident that our efforts are easily washed away, leaving litter strewn about.

Mr. Abu stated that they’ve put forth their best human effort to maintain the road, but they’ve reached a point of weakness and now require government assistance.

He, however, implores the state government to intervene urgently, highlighting the dire economic consequences faced by the community due to the deplorable road conditions.”

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Mrs Adenike Adebayo, a resident of Kangu community, expressed concerns about her children’s inability to attend school due to the road’s condition.

Mrs Adenike Adebayo

Mrs Adenike Adebayo

“The road has been neglected for over a decade with no government intervention. We are not making excessive demands; we simply ask, what is the benefit of democracy if we cannot have access to a decent road? We’re unable to go to the market to purchase goods and have to resort to carrying our loads on our heads due to the poor road conditions.”

She urged the government to act promptly, she noted the essential role the road plays in their daily lives and local economy.

Elder Shola Samuel, Chairman of the Kangu Community Development Association, recounted the community’s struggles and reiterated the urgent need for government intervention.

Elder Shola Samuel

Elder Shola Samuel

The deteriorating road has imposed immense hardships on residents and negatively impacted the local economy, making it imperative for the government to take action and alleviate their plight.

“The population of these communities is substantial, and we’ve exerted our utmost efforts to improve the road, but all our attempts have been in vain. Despite writing numerous letters to the state government, there has been no response regarding the road.

Bad Road

“We earnestly implore Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq to take the plight of our communities into consideration and extend his mercy towards us. The road has inflicted immense hardship on us and our children, leading to a collapse in the economic situation of this community.”

The residents, therefore, implore the state government to take urgent action to rectify the road’s conditions and help restore the economic well-being of the community.

Deplorable Road

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