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#10th Nass: Tinubu Has Shown Leadership Which Buhari Lacked, Sholyments Olusegun Olusola

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#10th Nass: Tinubu Has Shown Leadership Which Buhari Lacked, Sholyments Olusegun Olusola

President Tinubu’s choice candidates have both emerged as Senate President and Speaker of the House respectively in two fairly contested elections

This to me , is a product of vast consultation, re-consultation and another consultation by President Bola Tinubu and his inner caucuses . This did not only suggest Tinubu as a charismatic Democrat but also indicates he’s on top of his job as leader of the party and father of the nation

Are you aware he also held meetings with lawmakers elects of the opposition parties , including Labour, SDP, PDP to negotiate for his anointed candidates who later triumphed at today’s national Assembly inauguration?

This was thesame role expected to be played by Ex-president Buhari but he failed , he only did not failed to consult the lawmakers and his party, he did not also speak out on who his choice was , he allowed the ACN camp lead by Tinubu to speak for him , unfortunately, their choices of SP and Speaker did not reflect justice, equity and fairness but was rooted on revenge mission , attempt to deny the nPDP led by Sarakis their portion in the sharing equation, hence , Saraki outsmarted his traducers and emerged the SP leaving Dogara to claim the speakers speakersship

That was the beginning of crisis in the apc-led administration since 2015, many thoughtless people blamed Bukola Saraki for outsmarting the party , they failed to realised that the opprtunity came because the then President was not offering reasonable leadership, his aim was just to become the president, he doesn’t care about rest members of the party who Laboured for his emergence .

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Ex President Buhari symbolises selfishness , corruption and lawlessness, this is why his government from beginning of 2015 to the end in 2023 was crisis ridden, intra and inter party comflics , terrorism ridden and corruption ridden .

Look at the killings in Benue and other part of the country, there was no record the president made any official visit to those volatiles zones to encourage the citizens , save for the useful Facebook sympathy message produced by his Media representatives, the president failure to offer leadership ignited and still igniting insecurity in many part of the country .

Buhari successfully sent away all the brains and digital political players off his government including the likes of Dr Bukola Saraki, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar , Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, Aminu Tambuwa of Sokoto, Senator Okorocha of Imo, Dino Melaye of Kogi Asiwaju Tinubu who’s now the president was not given any say in that government and many others I cannot remember to name.

PMB therafter surrounded himself with sycophants and opportunists who entered his government with the aim of increasing their wealths. Even his own wife , the first lady was sent packing to Dubai leaving behind those who the president called his trusted allies .

Buhari also failed test of leadership each time political gladiators who brought him to power have issues within themselves,(intra party conflict)

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His weak leadership made problem between Senator Dino Melaye and Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi to escalate to unfortunate level which resulted in loss of lives and property during elections. The later was instrumental into bringing Yahaya Bello to office , little issues which the president ought to have prevailed upon from scratch was left unattended to . The problem escalated and made Kogi politics so volatile till date .

What of Kwara state , Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq emergence as APC candidate in 2019 was at the instance of Buhari and his asso rock cabals, yet when AA got to office as Governor of Kwara , Buhari did not offer him any support to put together all of Otoge champions when they had crisis. Instead, Baba was just looking , watching his party men in Kwara dragging themselves and even violently attacking each other. Hence , the first term of Mallam Abdulrahaman was also crisis ridden and led to fragment of the party collapsing to form SDP .

If not for the failure of leaders of PDP in the state to take full advantage of the conflict, if the opposition leaderhsip had shown understanding and played an inclusive politics within the party ,especially with the mobilisation of resources for the campaign and motivation of party members and those at the forefront of the struggle, Kwara today ought to have become history for the APC .

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Thesame issues can be fingered for Edo, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Rivers , Bayelsa , Imo, Kano, Katsina even the homestate of the president and now Kogi state even when Dino Melaye is not more in the party , the APC in Kogi today has been divided into APC and SDP, giving pdp in that state opprtunity to stage a come back

Is it not now dawn on Buhari , who ascribed fake integrity into himself that he and his allies almost ran Nigeria aground before the new dispensation of Tinubu?

Nigerians should stop blaming Dr Bukola Saraki over his emergence as SP in 2015, any smart political players who sensed cheating in institutional arrangements, by the party he toiled to build would pull similar stunt if given opprtunity. Politics is not for small boys , its for the brave , the courageous and the smart .

I congratulate Senator Godswill Akpabio and Hon Tajudeen Abbas on their emergence as well as other principal officers for both Chambers who emerged alongside these two great men. May your tenure bring good luck and prosperity to Nigerians .

To those who lost out in the race , that is democracy , you must summoned courage and work with those who won, today is for them, tomorrow may be your turn .

How PBAT is running his government is really and indictment on Buhari weak and selfish leadership . May Nigerians not experience such wicked dispensation again

Sholyments Olusegun Olusola writes from Ilorin

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